Your Creation…

“As you think so shall you be” Normal Vincent Peale

Did you know – You create your own world! No other concept possesses the power that this idea does. Think about it? The power to change your world rests within yourself.. within your mind!

Why this topic?  I’m sharing this for those of us that presently work in a stress filled environment – you see, there is a growing need to understand that we contribute greatly through our interactions of others, what we believe, say and do.  

It’s about understanding that each of us contribute to creating the type of place, work or pleasure – to flourish or die.  A leader, not always obvious, is responsible to create the atmosphere for success!  Command Climate – so to speak.  We each do this through participating in this ‘work climate’ day in and day out.

Fun fact – the #1 reason an employee leaves the company, you guessed it, how the leaders, supervisors, or how the Boss treats them… Duh!

Thought-creation is a fact of reality, all realities. This physical media driven reality however, would often have you believe otherwise. When you believe that your fate is in the hands of people and things that are beyond your control, you lose that fundamental power given to you – the power to create.

You create your world into what they want, instead of changing your world into what you want by giving up your awareness.  Remember! You were born with the right to create your own world.

Just look at the influence of your closest friends; your might not want to admit it; but, it’s through their counsel you are where you are today.  Some might want to exercise the unfriend button, mentally I mean..  Bet just by exercising your new found awareness, you just might find new friends?!

Take for example, the feeling you get hearing a co-worker’s gossip about someone’s else perceived mistakes, a misgiving comment of another person’s dress or appearance, etc. Do you buy into it or dismiss it?

I mean, do you help to further create that world or continue on track building what is important to you by getting back creating yours?  You see, we all contribute to the creating..

To reclaim back your creative power involves taking two steps, changing your belief, and learning how to control the consciousness you possess. Doing both will take time. However, the sooner you begin, the sooner you will reap the benefits of deliberate reality-creation.  TIP: If you have misery or success in your life, where do you think that came from??

To begin, you must shift from the belief that you live in a world you can’t control, to a belief that you live in a world you can control. Along with this new belief, you must come to understand that the high-tech reality controlling device that you seek is your own consciousness. Your consciousness is the tool given to you by the divine that will enable you to change and shape your reality.

Learning how to control that consciousness is the next step in the process. Good reality-control comes from within, not without. An uncontrolled consciousness can be like a wild, untamed animal. This untamed animal gets driven by many sources to do the things it does, like emotions, needs, and desires. All these factors play a part in controlling and directing your consciousness toward deliberate reality creation. 

Wait a minute, I like the beast within!  Question: Lately how has that thinking and followed with actions served you in achieving your goals??

In an uncontrolled state, your own consciousness roams freely, like a wild beast. When a particular factor overwhelms the beast, that factor becomes the new director of the beast’s world. This haphazard direction of consciousness is what you want to avoid. Your consciousness’s driving forces must all be tamed and shown how they can work together to obtain the needs and wants…  Might just be why with intense effort, poor results prevail. 

Blah Blah Blah! Right!

Bottomline, stop the self defeating and destructive behavior displayed from those on the move in creating their life of misery; just do not participate. Learn to be better at creating what is important to you and share your successes in this life to those that uplift and are like minded. Stay away from those who behave like crabs in a deep bucket, always ready to pinch, claw, berate those nearby to satisfy their position in the life they have created.

BTW, the view from here is awesome!


Pinoy, Filipino American, retired Military and Law Enforcement Commander - Loves to help others free themselves to reach their full potential through time and energy leverage of old shared wisdom.