Love and Sharing

Another celebrated day is upon us; age and time seems to move at a faster pace as I remember those I’ve lost. Either by the attrition of this life tragic moments or by the lost of contact; I often yearn for those wonderful times shared by each of those personal special people. You know of those too. We all have them, illuminated and brought to life just by remembering…

My challenge to you this holiday season it to do just that. Take a moment to give life to those you somehow have lost. Doing so will give you a brighter day, quicker step, a cheerful and better attitude. I heard someone say, ‘the richness of this life is riddled with the happy experiences of others.

Sure you can decide to remember those specific bad moments in those you’ve had the privilege to meet; but, how does that serve you? Love or Hate… your decision..

Love as we know has many forms. Some would argue that it is the highest form of expression. I agree! “I have learned that you decide to grow it or suppress it solely through your personal decision to keep it or share it.”

If you are honest with yourself, those times that bring a smile to your face was a result of you sharing the goodness of yourself and receiving it back.

So, return that smile from a stranger, call or connect with that lost love one; trust me you will feel a fullness in that moment that is priceless!

Who knows, maybe the gesture returns the favor with a sudden cool breeze after a taxing exercise as the sun peeks a kiss through the clouds on your face; or even the wave hello from your previously disgruntled neighbor.. somehow it’s this life’s way of returning what you gave moments, days, weeks ago!

Happy Easter!  Wishing You always the Best!! — 


Pinoy, Filipino American, retired Military and Law Enforcement Commander - Loves to help others free themselves to reach their full potential through time and energy leverage of old shared wisdom.