8 Situations and Solutions

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready… The teacher will disappear.” 

― Tao Te Ching

Few would disagree, richness in life is directly proportional to the willingness to remain open to learning new things. I share these with you in mind..

Below is a sampling of 8 small but impactful scenarios with solutions I have found to make a difference in most everyone’s life..

1.  Getting a buy in or agreement to an idea, or when making a good purchase decision: (most every goal involves selling)

– Ask open ended questions – allows them to share with you ‘intent’ giving you better angles to connect and close the deal with a win win.

– Be conscious of non-verbal cues, mirror match posture and speech – tone and delivery.  Try to imitate some body language – because everyone loves themselves.

– Address concerns fully – a small issue becomes large and out of control otherwise.

– Address the logical upfront – People make most decisions in an emotional state; however, later when calmed down, logic will be applied and you will lose with no representation.

2.  Controlling a possible bad situation when alone:

– Make eye contact with possible aggressor and assess motives.

– Check and adjust your demeanor of posture and walk so as not to be measured as a possible victim.

– Check surroundings for others and scope out possible egress –  A way out just in case.

– If necessary, dial 911 and place your phone back into pocket / purse.

3.  Making Difficult Decisions

– Move away from the object of your decision.  The noise and clutter will dampen.

– Use measured time to allow a clearer mind to reset.  

– Write out pros and cons on paper.. study.

– Seek Counsel with trusted few.  Decide when you are ready.

4.  Facing your Fears

– Understand it will always be your FEAR if you do nothing.

– Find a way to observe your fear from a distance.

– Involve yourself in small measured exposures of your fear.

– Immerse yourself in your fear(s) in short time exposures.  Most that overcome find a silver lining.  Ultimately, your newfound growth will empower you to new heights.

5.  Finding Happiness

– Identify what moves you with as many pictures as you can.

– Dissect where you fit in these various pictures and mentally place yourself there.

– Set several different goals to explore further your place in these possibilities.

– Repeat with someone you Love.

6.  Having a Successful Career

– Be an avid Student of the business.

– Know what drives your peers, supervisor and his / her supervisor – select personalize and practice best.

– Seek a Successful Mentor – judge them on their fruits before acceptance.

– Decide and pursue if working for someone else is for you; otherwise, start a business, fail and start again!

7.  Finding your Soulmate

– Understand longevity is in the similarities, opposites attract is not the full story.

– Beauty is skin deep so get past it quickly – their Soul will reveal when proper connection is made – then be ready – the ride will be amazing!

– Be true to yourself – for tomorrow you wake up with yourself first. Know every one carries their own story – Raw Truth belongs to YOU.

– Communicate openly about what troubles you, it minimizes the surprises before investing greatly. Remember the gift of the spirit lives in all of us ready to be shared.

8.  Living a Full Life

– Be acutely aware that this life is short and not a dress rehearsal – seek successes thru personal failures – meaning, to try does not equal – TO actually DO!

– Set goals in critical areas of your life – pursue with a vengeance – gifts will come when you are in motion – most get nothing sitting on their ass!

– Understand that failure is the dues to any true life changing success.

– Be the best steward of your mind, body and soul – be open to consume the stories of the most successful and again – Just Do!


Pinoy, Filipino American, retired Military and Law Enforcement Commander - Loves to help others free themselves to reach their full potential through time and energy leverage of old shared wisdom.

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