Life is Full of them..

You shouldn’t wait for other people to make special things happen. You have to create your own memories. Heidi Klum

Tapestry of life awaits the paint brush of our memories..  fullness measured on our life’s remarkable journey; always adding colorful stories and challenges along the way. RAW Thoughts..

Take a moment and rejoice in this truth, memories are what your life is made of… where even the best thief cannot steal away.  All it takes is a quiet moment to recall and there you are again, magic and most powerful.

Memories, such a gift of this experience of life; many take for granted.  I mean, all it takes is a familiar song, a familiar face in the crowd, a place once visited; and your mind goes.  But, yes, we also have the painful memories that yank us back to the time we still have not learned how to forget.  Funny how memories have so much staying power.

What comes to mind is the years dealing with the criminally insane and immorally behavior challenged people; observing how challenged each have in the fight of their own specific demons in a unforgotten past.  Too much of their life’s attention, sometimes years of every waking moment given to an ugly sometimes heinous event in their past, reliving it over and over with no rest.

Truly the issue not yet properly addressed, is why rehab centers / State and Federal Correctional facilities professionals do not teach more of the power of deflection of what they have been thinking to what is more productive and healthy; like things that truly matter, things that each should be thankful to have in their life.  Sadly, most in this profession turn to a new fangled drug  or soft touch programs for treatment.  Interesting the truth behind how easily chemically motivated in thought and action we are – such a profit engine for Big Pharma!

For the majority of us, I have observed, use social media to share their content or mostly discontent of their life’s going ons.  WOW, and they wonder why they continue to ride the rollercoaster of happiness and despair never really finding happiness?  You are what think about all day… “paraphrased from Norman Peale, Think and Grow Rich”

Fact is, everyone, well, most everyone, has a small few close associates they rely on for advice or counsel on a regular basis.  If you are honest with yourself, most of your success and failures rest in those few.

So, if you agree that your happiness or regret presently needs fine tuning, I suggest you start with who you’ve been sharing your precious time with.  Friends come and go; memories will not, they are forever a part of you!

So, I challenge you to make more happy than sad memories!  SEE You on the Beaches!!


Pinoy, Filipino American, retired Military and Law Enforcement Commander - Loves to help others free themselves to reach their full potential through time and energy leverage of old shared wisdom.

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