Have you ever wondered….

when the smell of yesterday reminds you of wonderment and missed opportunity..

when the wish I would of could of’s haunt you on every major turn..

when the soft personal smile of another hurts your soul as they walk past..

when cheerful laughter of youngsters make you wonder what parenting could have been..

when the one who has consumed your thoughts for most of your adult life passes..

Do you have enough time? Can you capture what was lost?

Scattered in deep thought.. awakened with the sound of my alarm…

Wow! It was only a dream… was it?

Or is what I’m feeling, experiencing now, is this really life or am I just dreaming?

RAW Thoughts… 


Pinoy, Filipino American, retired Military and Law Enforcement Commander - Loves to help others free themselves to reach their full potential through time and energy leverage of old shared wisdom.