“The Fool’s Worth is in his Stuff”

From the moment our tiny fingers felt and grabbed that something and felt its form in our hands we coveted its presence and claimed it ours. ~ raw thoughts

All through this life we have somehow found the need to gather things, friends, and experiences; you know – stuff! Yes, all to feel some need for purpose, possible identity or just out of basic need or greed.

If you are true to yourself you will find you have been doing this since the beginning. 

I recently tried to write down all the stuff I acquired – my head still hurts!! I even tried to place a dollar figure to all the things I purchased?  Better yet, how many did I still have in my possession?  From big items like homes and cars to minor things like subscriptions, exercise equipment and guns!  WOW!

For me it was wasteful! Should have done a better job of preserving and repurposing many of the things I threw away or in many cases just to get that newer model..

We all know that there is no proof that we can take those most coveted with us when we pass – short of what is shared in the ancient beliefs of life after death – but we don’t stop gathering, taking, buying, and wanting more…

Now as you grow older, somethings are thrown away, misplaced, lost or become priceless heirlooms..  It’s funny when you think about the ridiculous value we place on Our Stuff!?

I recently came across this thought of ‘Stuff’ and what value to give each in a recent Divorce.  Yes – dramatic – but necessary!

Imagine for a moment if you had to start over and had to decide in short order what stuff was to fit in a limited time and place – yes, that’s exactly what I had to do!  You see, all had to fit in the back of my pickup truck!  I’m certain as the days, months, years go by, I will regret not making room for that one so necessary thing!  I digress..

What became interesting in the moments away from the wonder and regret, missing certain stuff I mean; my identity – a piece of me – was assigned and associated among the many things I had moved from one place to another.   As I made this revelation, I felt a little challenge to my core identity, was my stuff, me?

Maybe that is why when we step into a persons home in short order we can form an opinion of the owner?  Granted that is not the whole story, but it definitely is a start.  Why is that I wonder?  Meaning, why do we have the need to display our stuff that details who we want others to see us as?

Really why the need to advertise things we want others to see??  Thinking it might be associated to one’s self image? If you have a personality that needs constant reassurance – more stuff is displayed?? Who am I the make a correlation? You can take the time to see for yourself the next time you visit. Truly telling..

Taking a step further, this same observation and correlation can be drawn to personal social posts, whether it be Tweeter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. – every little bit of what makes you is shared; most cases, leaving little doubt who you are?!

I have experienced, ‘You are what you think about all day long’.. then since mind reading is currently not a thing – we display what we think about – a stretch, maybe?  ‘Who knows the real answer,’ states my Therapist, as I collect my credit card… 

So I leave you with this thought: Be aware that everything you acquire, sought to experience, share and associate with – says a little bit about you, Friends included. 

You will find that we each have the ability in this somewhat new-found awareness – to redesign what is perceived as our identity, and maybe find what a different more refined YOU is all about?!

Problem or solution is – fortunately or not; just knowing this will only get you to gather more stuff!!

In this evolving age of digital footprint identity, just be aware that everything is being tracked, stacked and sold as the new digital you – your new Stuff will the the new benchmark – most certainly! 

STUFF!!  Special Things yoU Fondly Find!

See you in the gathering! 🙂


Pinoy, Filipino American, retired Military and Law Enforcement Commander - Loves to help others free themselves to reach their full potential through time and energy leverage of old shared wisdom.

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