Fog of Distractions

Are you getting sick in tired of being sick and tired?

I heard once said, “A Smooth Sea Never makes a Skillful Sailor” Raw Thoughts..

Most every time an uncomfortable feeling signals a need for change, lest you become what the change has you to be..

These days of digital supported imaginative wizardry, it’s a wonder a sane person can pursue his or her desires without so many distractions. I mean, just click on an email or text link or catch a You Tube video and there you go – down a new rabbit hole of endless inspirational possibilities.. so much of our limited time – LOST.

Some say that the catalyst of this constant state of ‘not really knowing what to put your heart into’ stems from the fact that those affected have limited resources. For instance, can you imagine not having the restriction of money?! Think of all of the recent new found inspirations that would be realized if you only had and endless supply of money.

The truth of this ‘paralysis of analysis’ is deeply rooted on the lack of what our world gives so much value into – money.  Many that worry may even have an excellent Job with excellent pay; but, just knowing that there is a chance to lose this job will stop even a highly successful employee dead in its tracks when new exciting prospects arrive..

What to do?! Here are just a few options:

1. Get a second job. Even a part time job will allow you to have options to pursue another adventure… working overtime if allowed.  So many of those to choose from, and so many job site to search..

2. Get a working partner to go halves on the bills. Now you do not have to have anything beyond a plutonic relationship to work this one; but sometimes it just happens to be icing on the cake if you are honest with your intent and lucky with your heart, who knows?

3. Start a side business. Nurture what already takes up your free time and find a way to make money doing it. That is a novel concept many just need to take a leap of faith in pursuing .. Google what you do now and add ‘making money doing _______ it will blow your mind! 

4. Invest in the stock market. Whether you know it not, since the inception of the stock market, Millionaires and now new found Billionaires have made it in the stock market. I mean, just look at the new penny stocks of weed, AI (artificial intelligence) and new energy stocks to name a few. Best thing is it does not take a ton of money to risk.. maybe just some huge gonads though..

5. Transition into being unplugged! What is that you might ask?

It is my hope, sooner than later, a majority of us will be awaken from the fog of self limitations that was sold to our parents.. your know, what now is causing most of your struggles today; that thankless JOB, (Just Over Broke).  The previously secure retirement promises to sustain your Dreams are near extinct; unless you have a means, to gather and database information for profit, you will continue to be unhappy.  Ah, what was that you say?

Look at the wealth of just two of the biggest in the name of databases info; Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Bill Gates of Microsoft, the list of the current mega billionaires – soon to be the next Zillionaires – all are involved with database management and turned data gathered into some form of profit engine. Now, mind you, money is not everything?

** Remember the Movie The Matrix **  How many lives of each human being were stolen and harnessed to feed the the goals and objectives of the few. Well, pardon me, but this is pretty close to what each of us are now experiencing by allowing to be ‘PLUGGED IN’!!?

Here’s a challenge I know not will do –  – turn off your smartphone for a week, no social media and no political or talkshow / news access. Yes, some pushback will ensue; but doing this small act will prove my point. Welcome to the matrix. It is not the act of being plugged in; it’s the lost of your awareness that you are.. that is the the culprit!  I mean really, are you driving your daily decisions or – is it the constant bombardment of the seemingly limitless information we are exposed to that is – IN Control? Only you can know the truth by becoming aware to this truth.

What are the happy ‘escapees’ (unplugs) doing? Do you know that digital currency like Bitcoin, is now being used by those that do not have a bank account all over the world with no government regulation! How about those that are off the energy grid and is some cases being paid to supply energy, they are boasting no energy bills. These that unplug and understand the new ‘Sharing’ economy that are quickly growing silently in large numbers.   I mean, can you believe they have their children graduate High Schools even traveling most of the year. Many have income that pay them 24 / 7 and from multiple sources. These are the ones that have unplugged…

It is my hope that each of you realize the FOG is just that, a lost awareness..

See you on the other side 🙂  


Pinoy, Filipino American, retired Military and Law Enforcement Commander - Loves to help others free themselves to reach their full potential through time and energy leverage of old shared wisdom.

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