Wisdom of Our Elders…

Wisdom of our Elders

Time of regrets, a refection of greatness and a moment of happiness –  we each will befall them..  Raw Thoughts

Failing and succeeding at various levels gives a person a somewhat unique perspective on life and how we want to live what time we have left.

I imagine that if you are a 20 something, this is not even the slightest concern.  I mean, I wish I had the insight I do now..  my life experiences and successes would be most notable. 

But we do live in a truly different time.  Today we are bombarded at every turn to ‘buy’ into something or somebody’s definition of what you should be or become.  Many times after your decision, you experience the ‘buyers remorse’ we all are too familiar with today.  Gone are the corporate and government promise of a pension, a mainstay of a secure post employment life..  It’s a wonder what world is to come when we finally realize the lies with little time to correct them.  Too many options for the youth today.  Where are we heading is a concern of many, so says the media.  It is the dying secrets of life’s successes and failures that the Elders that are dying..

I often wonder why we do not strive to better foster life long knowledge of our older citizens to pass on to our young.  Why we as a nation of aging seniors sit by the sidelines and do not engage collectively to share with our young?  Used to not be that way!   Could it be that those once sought after bridges between the old and young have been stifled as not Cool or Hip?  Conspiracy thinkers say that if we did, we would unite a nation and shorten the learning curve through shared knowledge – not the goal of the NEW WORLD ORDER which profess division of the masses to better control them.  So they say? 

I know this, with every old person there is a wealth of knowledge gained through failure, strife and personal success that is lost in the many hospitals, homes and bedsides as they eventually pass on..  imagine the wonderful stories Hollywood would pay to have.. we all have them deep in our hearts to share.

The redesigned society today has almost successfully buried the secrets of our elders through the PC movements of stature desecration and the changing of history books taught in public schools as we sit on the sidelines because we have been taught to not be involved.  Sad state of national reformation!

My wish and prayer is to have an awakening in a new found mentorship from our elders to our youth so we do not fall into a designed ‘rabbit hole’ of national degradation.  I mean really, do you think we all of a sudden ran out of money to fund pensions?  There is more wealth generated today than ever – mostly because each of us do not understand our individually and collective self worth.  There is no nation or business big or small, (stock market as well), that can survive without the efforts of it’s employees / members; we have just allowed those in power to set us up for the short term gratification philosophy of life ultimately serving the protected few… but I digress..

My voice will soon be silent in a mortal sense, so I call out to those that are tuned in to this age old wisdom of life experience shared to shorten or minimize the errors of our youth.  Wake up and take action, find and nurture a mentor / mentors; shorten your learning curve and realize, whining is for infants!


Pinoy, Filipino American, retired Military and Law Enforcement Commander - Loves to help others free themselves to reach their full potential through time and energy leverage of old shared wisdom.