8 – Thinking Mistakes to Avoid

Some would say that you are where you are in this life due to the decisions you’ve made to date. I would add, most impactful are the ones that involved mistakes. Early in life I would make it a point to frustrate my Mom as an unruly child as I pushed the level of what I felt was right; even though I somehow knew the contrary. Spoiled Brat was an honored status in our household, up until I realized Mom’s swift correction of the matter. Mom had no loss in her delivery of right and wrong. Details I will share later I’m certain.. so many lessons I now treasure. But I digress..

These thinking mistakes to avoid are ones that I have made in my life’s travel that have impacted me some in a minimal state while others greatly. Why should you avoid them? That is a question as you read you must decide for yourself. I have found most every lesson that has shifted my perception has come from my mistakes. See if you agree.

  1. Allow passion / emotions as the guiding force in a difficult decision. Most every thing you have bought and now own was decided upon in an emotional state. House, Car, clothes, significant other.. list goes on. After the hype dies, your logical side arrives and illuminates the truth. You cannot afford it! Yes, that goes for the Love of your Life as well! Sure we allow the hype to hang around in the guise of ‘justification’ but really, we know the truth, and sometimes it hurts! Best advice I can give is to back away from the ‘song of the moment’ allowing the emotional high to settle. So what if it takes a day or two, a true solid impactful decision should still survive a little rethinking time.
  2. Believe All your schooling makes You Smart. Facts are today that what is taught in our schools are geared toward landing a JOB or more specifically; Just Over Broke – lifestyle! Most of our Fortune 400 riches Men and Women today have had one year of college or less. To succeed today takes a hell of a lot more than what, in most cases, an expensive degree will give you! I now know that what is taught has placed limits to a persons imagination. A trait all the aforementioned successful group have in spades!
  3. Multitasking is important? In our age of infinite distractions the skill of multitasking has become a necessary evil. You would think just because we can ‘complete’ so many things at the same time we are so much better off. Yes, if the answer in life and the success we strive for is measured on how many things we address as it presents itself the truth? Yes / No? But if you take a moment and step back away from the fog of distractions you will find, most of the things you have addressed are only complete on the surface and not with any quality that a thoughtful complete attention approach would deliver. For example, just take a look the next time you go out to eat with your Honey. Bet you find most everyone has his / her nose into a smartphone texting, posting and some case answering a call… all while they enjoy the time spent together.. Really? And we wonder why we are becoming disconnected and impersonal. If being otherwise a great multitasker is important?? Sometimes I think we are all idiots that fell in the same rabbit hole.. 🙁
  4. Believing that ‘Opposites Attract’  On the surface you might think it to be true. The real truth is that there was something your senses felt and found similar overshadowing any obvious opposites. Most every successful story of ‘opposites’ attracting you will find the overpowering similarities. Next time just step back and take inventory and you will finally see it to be true. Age old fact -We are in love with ourselves!! Long term relationships you will find, are built on a few common powerful attributes. The love of beach life comes to mind 🙂
  5. Having a strong belief ‘You are Always Right’! In every station of life I have observed, a number of unyielding positions or opinions that a person might have in just about any subject discussed. You know the one, we all have them. Granted, most every have a high level of intelligence; but, like a brother of mine with many degrees, took him till age 13 to properly tie his shoes, most lack commonsense. Yes, there is some sense of righteousness as this person shares his / her message; however, mostly to themselves. Plainly speaking, productive communication is loss, and some cases hurt feelings follow. Being open minded and having a student mindset is the answer. Funny but if you are in tune to others perspectives you learn more about yourself. Just a thought..
  6. Thinking that ‘Looks are Everything‘! We all know the ones that wake up gorgeous or for that matter, sleep picture perfect. I mean, we see examples all the time in magazines. I’m certain each also have seen or know of the other visual less appealing as well. Stunning Beauty does open many doors. Interestingly the masses of us driven and sold thru countless cosmetic companies to just use their products agree, we all want to have the same impact when we arrive on the scene. Amazing is we have the same impact on others with a simple smile as we give that person some attention. Hell, we are all capable of that! How about how we address others, with a caring tone and a thoughtful gesture. Again all capable. Now take that beauty that has neither the time or demeanor to do just these two simple acts? Maybe that’s why they say ‘beauty is only skin deep?’ Yes, great to look at, but truthfully, that might be all. Where the mirror…
  7. Thinking that, ‘Your Love will always be there!’ If you are fortunate enough to be in love you will know it is the greatest feeling in the world! Every waking moment is the confirmation of your life’s long answer to once was an emptiness. You now have that one special person to share this short life with in all its glorious possibilities! With the the divorce rate hovering in the 50% range, I’m certain that was not the plan going in?? Sadly, today that is exactly on the table as we fall in love, the chance of falling out… Logically speaking, planning upfront has been the norm of the sensible couples; not in masses as the common practice I’ve witnessed. Funny how whenever those credit repair companies market their wares they use examples with Divorce as a reason?? Go back to reason #1 🙂
  8. We keep ‘Reliving the Past!’ Whether you know it to be true or not, we all to some degree will not let go of what we did or experienced in the past. Yes, we have moments many times triggered with a scent, song or even a familiar face; bringing a once lost calming love filled time! NOT what I am referring to here. It is the moments when recalled will literally drive a person insane! Here’s the thing, in all cases when the time is recalled into the present moment, our powerful mind will remember in such detail the events of the specific past. Some of these moments can be very destructive; so much so I have observed in the many psych wards of lost souls. So many methods to counter this I will share in a later post. What I’m sharing here is to at least raise your awareness. You cannot change the past! However, when you give your attention to it – you give life to it again, and again! Choose what you decide to give life to.. that’s all.


Pinoy, Filipino American, retired Military and Law Enforcement Commander - Loves to help others free themselves to reach their full potential through time and energy leverage of old shared wisdom.

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