Giving your Attention…

A moment of silence..

We partake in this practice to show respect with a brief sometimes collective personal attention, many times with our eyes closed concentrating on shutting out the many distractions as we give of our precious energy of sincere thought.  A practice that used to be easy is now one of the most difficult.  Just look at the many ways we are distracted, increased job demands, digital notifications, media rants, etc..

We live in a time where most everything we sense is geared to demand our attention ultimately in making a decision to buy, visit or just participate.  Wait a minute, no matter how you slice it, it’s to buy!  

Every waking moment we each are bombarded with someone or something designed to illicit a decision to buy something or someone.. this is no grand illuminating fact; we all know this.. maybe just not always aware of it.

Trust me in this… this is where many of you have read and found nothing in what I’m sharing as an immediate form of gratification..  It’s how most of our decisions are made!!  Sad but true – don’t believe me, look at the root of most issues today from relationships to day to day living.

I have found great solace in the moments away from this noise.  My early morning jogs, walks in the woods near my home, and of course my early mornings as I capture my thoughts on some digital format in hopes of sharing.  Why is this important to share?

Well, as stated earlier, most everything is about selling you something or someone.  I’m selling personal awareness.  The moment you truly understand that you are the one responsible for the world you have created by allowing to be sold on a certain path, direction, or lifestyle; will be the moment you realize you can recreate or improve your future experience.  The whining and woes you read and hear are just ‘buyers remorse’ but at a much costly level.

Who am I but one of you in this world.. take a moment of silence today to create a better moment to come; I mean is that not why we decide to participate in this practice of, ‘let’s bow our heads in silence’?  Little steps in this powerful understanding will lead you to places that your heart has tugged you towards instead of the intent of others.  Tune out the noise and find your channel.. lest you listen and be sold with ‘this life is for you’ sales message.   

The number one gift to yourself in a sincere internal assessment of where you are and where you hope to be.  Success as we find, will be then to set into motion through action as you create your world to come.  It’s said many times, ‘this life we have is not a dress rehearsal’  

Enjoy your Day!


Pinoy, Filipino American, retired Military and Law Enforcement Commander - Loves to help others free themselves to reach their full potential through time and energy leverage of old shared wisdom.

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