Emotional vs Logic

Was thinking about the many times I was faced with making day to day decisions many of which down the road became so impactful they caused unwanted outcomes. Some would just chalk it up as your Destiny!? You know the ones that always make you ask yourself ‘what if I did not do that’?

“Destiny is just a place you throw your lazy or lack of effort.. but that’s another blog intro..”

Most of our decisions we make are so automatic or habitual we do not even have to pause to think as we make them. Almost like if we were on autopilot! You know, our morning routine, who we associate with and at what time of the day, or who we even love or spend the most time with. Such expectations we most times take for granted.

Just seems so logical till the routine becomes disputed somehow and we become engaged emotionally trying to figure out why the sudden change?

I have a dear friend that has been in several deep relationships, some of which led to matrimony all of which unfortunately failed at some level. The wonder of it all is that I have found her to be a wonderfully loving person always giving her all in every sharing moment. Yes, and I love her!

As observed, her greatest strengths can also be her greatest weakness – many times without knowing, her big heart and giving nature covertly allows the possibility of new or renewed personal relationships – or just plain allows the open door for them to take advantage of her. She would tell you that she would not allow it; however, she still would give them her precious personal time no matter the hour or circumstance. To me giving your personal time is the most precious gift we have.

Truth of the matter is that when we decide to engage at any level of dialogue with another it leads to some outcome, most times these are good and personally rewarding. My friend, I am certain has in her heart to positively effect every person she meets. It is my hope she understands not everyone has the best intentions.

You see there is a fact that we can make the worst or ill informed decisions while in an emotional state; some of which begin with a sharing of slivers of pure fabricated lies or just plain deceit, like the carnival atmosphere at a used car sales floor with the balloons and music hiding the faults of each auto for sale that day, especially when you desperately show the need for a reliable car!! A bad example but I believe it’s not too far from the truth.

Or when a person shares the so called bad news in their personal life to tune into your emotions and test the possibilities.

Just take a look at the Social Media platform for great examples people and companies that use emotional input use as a sales tool

A shared possible outcome always takes involved at least two to become reality; everyone of which begins with what starts to be a innocent connection – today it can begin as easily with a text or instance message, or just by a like or comment of on a FB Post..

Sad but true the waters we allow ourselves to wade into these days.

It is my hope that maybe by sharing this observation; you can be better on guard of those with bad intentions as you do your best to be the best you!

Hopefully my current guarded attitude can be changed so I do not die alone! 🙁


Pinoy, Filipino American, retired Military and Law Enforcement Commander - Loves to help others free themselves to reach their full potential through time and energy leverage of old shared wisdom.

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