My 50 unqualified predictions –

Our World is changing at a magical pace – truly the saying, ‘as a man thinketh so shall it be’ comes to mind, or some reference to that!?

With technology, a vibrate imagination and willingness to act, anyone can transform a picture in their mind into actual existence – what a great time to be alive!?

Below are some of my predictions – many due to personal experiences in a past life with high level personnel and technology and from constant exposure to a myriad of published and unpublished works.

My predictions are within the timeframe of 7 to 12 years – hope to be present to double back and see how many I have correct..

It is my hope to inspire and inform you, maybe even to entertain 🙂

1 – Public schools will morph into a Digital Home School setup. The best canned lessons required for the specific grade level or curriculum will be streamed at the appropriate learning level of each student. The social skills will have to be developed elsewhere – maybe via live streaming 3D interactions. The number of new teachers seeking public education careers will diminish greatly.

2 – Telecommuting Employment will surpass the in – office employment careers. Insurance automobile rates will fall as a result. Previously required Corporate Management span of control will have to be redefined due to virtual automation and work in support of realtime performance matrix tracking.

3 – Prison reform will have a maximum sentence of 25 years, many lesser will include conditional home incarceration – Death penalty as we know it will be abolished. Reformed sentencing will govern new philosophy judgements in the courtrooms to more defined and relatable service to society in support of correcting human behavior and moral decision making.

4 – AI will take over retail duties where stores will be just automated unmanned warehouses. Need for highly specialized trade skill workers will surpass the ranks of a Undergraduate and Graduate degree requirements.

5 – Traditional marriage ceremonies will be surpassed by Commitment Ceremonies – where states will ratify it in law first in support for legal status in taxes, property and survivorship cases. Traditional family values will further morph into various alternatives driven by legal benefits.

6 – Earning potential will wane with a college degree vs highly skilled trades. Expensive traditional College and University tuitions will be drastically reduced as a result with many smaller traditional college and university in brick and mortar closing its doors. Employment screenings will include specific practical exercise or hands on examination over a traditional degree.

7 – Companies that collect personal information ( Human Data – Human Intelligence ) will continue to prosper in light of what 5G technology will collect and insanely monetize. New 5G+ / 6G will boast 3D personal Avatars due to cries on privacy issues that 5G exposes. Identity theft measures become all the more necessary and easier to support due to new added layers of what makes and defines the new you.

8 – The abuse and neglect of our national maintenance ( infrastructure ) of roads, bridges, waterways and electrical grid will force a new resurgence of nationalism and less government. New Alternative energies will surge to take lead role boasting less environment impact.

9 – Financial advisors will specialize in new decentralized personal retirement plans funded by supported employment tax programs – modified tax deferred saving and investment plans. Employment with many different companies will be the norm requiring a new defined approach to financial nest egg, digital currency accounts, micro investing and physical possession of precious metals and stones will be widely popular.

10 – Gun / weapon technology will have fail-safe sensors set to operate only for its owner giving a rise in safer handling and drastic lowering of heinous acts. National Program will require a practical and written test prior to activation and registration. Database of this new identity will have several checks using the new digital footprint infrastructure. The key will be in the digital implant of weapon and munitions specifically assigned and registered using distinct nanotechnology protocols; meaning, weapon will only work when used by the registered owner using previously registered weapon and munition hardwares.

11 – The first Cyborg ( human / machine ) will be elected in high office producing bill that details the exact percentage and makeup allowed for a Cyborg to maintain full citizen rights.

12 – A persons’ digital footprint will be primary identifier not the social security number. Specific Digital markers based on previously approved algorithms will be used for international supported recognition and certification. United States will not necessarily be the lead but will contribute greatly to its acceptance.

13 – In next fifteen years a national disaster caused by a foreign government will revive the draft including females. Service will be to the Armed Forces, Civil Service and specific Public Service roles. Additionally, positive developed traits of the many that have previously served will support a national or international mandatory participation for 2 year minimum service obligation to every new 18 year old citizen.

14 – Construction of off the grid homes cost less than traditional homes due the the rise of the cost and requirements of connected / smart homes.

15 – Cost of paper products will be so expensive and will spawn new touch-less green products. Previously supported paper products like newspapers, magazines, and even toilet paper will be obsolete.

16 – World wide cures will be more readily shared causing Big Pharma to morph into other more profitable areas of healthcare – like redefined longevity products.

17 – Life expectancy will be 100 years in the next 20 years due to discovery and better management of what causes aging.

18 – Mortgages new terms will be 40 years while 10 years will be for Automobile Loans. Rental and Leasing will be increase in market share.

19 – A new algorithm for personal success and outstanding human potential will be written and sold with outstanding results.

20 – Fastest growing religion will be the quest for immortality complete with those over a 100 years old that are its active spokesperson.

21 – International citizenship will be the goal of the elite giving rise to increasing wealth above and beyond basic citizenship.

22 – Online Sports betting / gaming will include and give rise to imaginative Fantasy sports venues using the highly profitable Fantasy football format. Gambling will be included in Financial Planners sales literatures.

23 – Growing cries for Non-Contact sports will give rise to a weaker Nation, weaker military and weaker individual mind.

24 – Products that support reading facial gestures, micro expressions and non-verbal communications will give rise to a lessened use of facial communication requirements. The advent of seemingly unlimited internet bandwidth to support 3D rendering / Avatar of audio and visual transmission will support the possibility and growth in popularity.

25 – An Algorithm for an International language will exist in 7 years. In another 5, we will be introduced to a new widely accepted International language. Front runner will be a standardized American English communication model already used for major Financial, Air Transportation and safe air transit command and control.

26 – Other Intelligent Life beyond our solar system will be introduced giving rise to a revision and definition of what humans have regarded as their higher deity in Faith and personal Belief. Religious and previously hidden undefined transcripts will support prior claims and beliefs as each will support a new refined religion. New truths will be discussed and modified in support of managing deep understanding.

27 – Smartphones will be obsolete due to the replacement of smart wear products and the active mobile connection support system. On demand wants and desires will further diminish personal privacy. The need to protect personal monetary accounts become the newest growing need.

28 – Real time service in consumables personal needs will be the norm. Digital Connected appliances and smart devices will collect and place orders to approved vendors in pre-determined times. Vendors will have prearranged subscriptions of each item all in support of minimal or no time loss.

29 – Head transplants will give rise to new personal identity laws.

30 – The Human brain will be replicated and placed into a AI infused body giving rise to another definition of immortality.

31 – Fast foods will have brand specific replicated meals. The taste and feel of the McDonalds Big Mac will be sold in national grocery stores and the new Amazon Food Stores.

32 – Homes will have recycled water systems offered first to the super wealthy and later duplicated by what is now a group called Preppers.

33 – Sexually transmitted disease kits will be offered at pharmacies over the counter or online due to a robust national database access to those effected and shared publicly with paid access online.

34 – Population Migration to the Seas and Oceans will become popular due the invention and availability of products and solutions to breath underwater indefinitely – based on the liquid breathing technology first developed for use by our Elite Forces.

35 – Business travel will wane as 3D Rendering technology is refined and popularized in support by the 5G and 6G support systems. Lesson learned and refined first in the massive Sex industry.

36 – Numerous air flight accidents caused by non-compliant drones and personal aircraft will strengthen government development of pilotless solutions and requirements.

37 – Wave and unique nano sound technology will be developed and used first in military applications as munitions later morphed into industry applications for environmental safe mineral and excavation operations.

38 – Microorganism’s developed to survive on the digestion of plastics will be introduced to solve the growing waste in our oceans with outstanding results.

39 – Nano technology will dominate the medical field with such successes in solving plaque removal and prevention in the human cardiovascular system issues, rapid healing of broken bones and the possible replacement of hemoglobin are on the horizon.

40 – Weight management protocols will include the solutions of how the body treats its toxins further minimizing intake of unnecessary nutrition less meals. Medical journals will reflect new numbers used for baseline goals in daily recommended nutritional requirements.

41 – Decentralized monetary system, off grid utilities, growing secluded needs of privacy will spawn communities postulating global crises and the desperate need to be independent of government. “Preppers Havens”

42 – Vale of previously held to the super rich – secrets to the stock market – will drive stocks to ruins causing world markets to first stumble then readjust accordingly. Average investors will leave in droves feed up with the deceit and lies driving more involvement in self directed investment vehicles and off-market solutions. The beginning of an acceptable trade for services at the local level become the norm, many times with no currency used.

43 – Newer homes will feature air dry – after shower solutions along with toilet paperless toilets.

44 – Climate Change initiatives will morph into other areas for profit with new re-sold propaganda agendas due to new publicly shared overwhelming data that debunks previously strongly held claims.

45 – New nanotechnology paint will harness and produce usable energy to power homes along with the support of a wireless electricity transfer of energy. The new National Electrical Grid will require the largest expenditure of funds collected.

46 – Signal energy interior and exterior wall nano-surfaces will support various digital audio and video transmissions giving rise to mobile displacement of previously fixed placements of TV screens and projection surfaces. Viewing the local and national news on any wall or surface will be expected and refined all the while collecting viewing data in constant and realtime measures.

47 – Predictive Analysis algorithms will give rise to a sought after database for individual future employment, company performance in support of stock market performance, potential reoffenders chances to support early incarcerated release and life expediency in support of insurance rates.

48 – Predictive Global Weather metrics along with the new wave and sound power generations systems will help minimize sever weather damage events leading to safer manageable outcomes. Guiding Mother Nature during its storm and potential rage becomes possible.

49 – Big Pharma will be deemed a monopoly based on its membership and profit model giving rise to smaller less known proxies. The leaked results of major cure propaganda programs is made public. Sickness such as Cancer, Alzheimer, Heart Disease, and the other majors that previously made Big Pharma rich have cures first delivered outside of the United States.

50 – Due to the endless collection of a robust personal database in support of the new digital footprint identity, personalized munitions can be manufactured and sold to highest bidder. The rise of the power harnessed to the owners of such data become the new Lords. Personalized nano directed assassinations become possible and can be delivered via drones.

If you are still reading, it was my hope for possible further connections and to inspire what you have already been thinking about as possibilities. “Dreams are just Dreams until we act upon them” ~ raw thoughts


Pinoy, Filipino American, retired Military and Law Enforcement Commander - Loves to help others free themselves to reach their full potential through time and energy leverage of old shared wisdom.

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