Be The Rider

Ok you finally made the most difficult decision in your life – the one you labored for so many years..  Saying good bye to what you once loved – the life with your spouse of so many years.  

Truthfully, the delay made it worst due to the relationship morphing into compromised after compromise driving the value in all the years of commitment into an investment of what soon became a life of regret.  

Laymen would say you are just selfish and should have stuck in out.  Trust me, that was considered; however, I have found, being happy is not what you should compromised.  

In the long difficult path ahead, I hope she will also find happiness in the short life we each have.

Out of respect for putting up with me for so many years, I will continue to provide her financially with a level of lifestyle she is accustomed to – it is the right thing to do!  

There is a flow of life that will revisit my actions I am certain.  I wish her only the best in what will most certainly place her on a new path, hopefully one of true happiness.

If this little ditty resonates with you, I will have to say for us both – Now all of the success or failures rests solely on you!!

Those excuses you used – to not do the things your heart yearned for – is now over!!

What now?  Some of us will speed forth in final jubilant cheer knowing life for them will now change for the better; while others will just summon another excuse and hang on for what could possibly be – you know, if they just tried to save what ever there is left to save..

All I have found is the truth that this life we have – good – bad or just ok – is that this life is not a dress rehearsal.. 

If you are true to yourself – the dreams of others – will not always satisfy your own.. and surely it will spawn regret and the mantra of many ‘I Wish I Should Of Could Of’s’..  

Maybe you are among those that have found your compromises are not classified as regrettable.  Great for you!  Just know that this faint feeling of truth will not fade away as it soon might revisit you on your deathbed as a preventable regret..  

Hindsight becomes the time machine we all soon want!

I have experience both personally and vicariously, difficult heartfelt regrets will give into resentment, resentment into a distant life sucking mediocrity.  

Compromises become dream stealers; not every one, just the ones that you harbor as ones truly one-sided.  Like, staying put and not travel anymore, or planning to die in the place that you hate and she loves..

Many will resonate in this truth and make that difficult decision they know they must do; while others will grab another numbing drink, pill or side relationship just to put off what must be done. 

Do the right thing for you and her – allow happiness not compromise drive your decisions. 

Always strive to be the Rider in this life’s journey – yes, the rider should be in charge of your unique journey.

 Just don’t forget to care for the Horse as well.  Your Horse is the vehicle on your chosen journey!

Happy trails!

Updates to follow, paving a new one..


Pinoy, Filipino American, retired Military and Law Enforcement Commander - Loves to help others free themselves to reach their full potential through time and energy leverage of old shared wisdom.

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