WHY am I Here?

Time and time again I hear about some heartfelt revelation yearning to understand our existence.   Why are we here?  For that matter, why are YOU here?

This old man’s observation – centered on the framework of a person’s perception of their unique self-worth – leads me to personally believe, this life is a gift for a spirit.  Yea, loony huh!? And if it is true, this body is its temporary home to experience life as we experience it.  Of course the premise to support this notion can only be one of a laymen’s guess.  Fictional or not, the belief can be argued.  Both in a religious and non-religious sense. 

For example, in moments of silence, away from the clutter of our seemingly endless distractions; we connect with what seemingly is our inner self?  Philosophers, Cleric and Atheists all have similar shared premise of a higher being we each are connected with. 

Personal connections such as these when we become aware can be profound.  Could it be that the gatekeeper to this level of self – awareness begins when we decide to give attention to that thing?! Uh what?

Meaning what you focus on gives it life?  

It’s like giving attention triggers other events.  I know that when I decide to give my sincere attention to something – doing so seems move other forces, like magic.  

Unfortunately most take this secret power for granted.  Take for instance the simple act of setting goals.  At the basic level of setting goals you write it down and doing so you give attention to it or in essence, give it LIFE.

Stay with me here, using this simple goal setting example we most certainly will use some of our basic senses, like sight, touch, and doing so it will invoke a variety of internal feelings such as hope and its various possibilities.  

If done correctly, a faint picture of the completion of the goal will begin to appear.  

As we continue to spend time with our attention on the subject of this goal, we give it more life, and magically more movement in the direction of its creation as it becomes clearer… creative thought energy tuning in to the language of the spirit – at least personally speaking.

Yes you and I are Creators!  In this example, with the Spirit!

Small seemingly insignificant act of goal setting is just one of the many examples where the decisions we make lead to creation and new experiences.  It is my opinion that the basis of why we exist comes from the foundation of the creation of new experiences – the true desire of the spirit – to experience new things using the physical body’s senses – an area the spirit in its form is lacking. 

This Laymen’s approach states that the spirit needs the physical body to experience this time in space.  Could this be the reason for this gift of life??  I believe we each are here to create; coupled with the other gift of your free will, this creation gift will especially be unique to you!

Yes, a little creepy especially now because of your new found awareness of this possibility; but if it will make you feel less creepy, it is just my SWAG or scientific wild ass guess!  🙂

Why = for the experiences of the spirit… good, bad, indifferent, and could be heinous. 

RAW Thoughts..


Pinoy, Filipino American, retired Military and Law Enforcement Commander - Loves to help others free themselves to reach their full potential through time and energy leverage of old shared wisdom.

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