Sucking –

Yes a somewhat tenuous topic used in so many venues – all involve or illicit a response as a participant or an observer.

I dare say, this time I will refer to Sucking as the person who does that to your life’s energy.  Sucking – the life from you!

You know, that person who you dread to answer back on a call, IM or email; or in person – unannounced. Bet you have a smile or frown as you read that..

So, why do you even continue to placate or support this behavior through repeated dialogue?  Could it be you’re just a nice caring person?  Well good for you!

STOP!!  All this is doing is keeping that person with the problems that you supposedly have the answers to – going no where!!  Here the thing, I bet that whatever it is NOW that is needing your advise it’s just a dressed up situation where she / he did not take your advise the last time you gave it..

If I am off base here, stop reading and call your Friend and do your own research.  This one is SUCKING the life from you!!

If that person is one you have been avoiding – then you already know it’s true!  Question for you is, ‘why have you not been a REAL friend and given them the hard truth?’  Yes, tough love is the answer.  Google if this is foreign to you..

If you grapple with this philosophy then I would question who you might have in your circle of so called friends.  Are YOU growing or standing still?

Love where we are headed!  Until the next trip..


Pinoy, Filipino American, retired Military and Law Enforcement Commander - Loves to help others free themselves to reach their full potential through time and energy leverage of old shared wisdom.

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