Stinking Thinking…

“Most People Lead Lives of Quiet Desperation” Henry David Thoreau

As we grow older each of us become more aware of how mortal we are as we take personal inventory of experiences vs. wishes yet realized. The search for a level of happiness has always been the rule. Here’s the question, are you at a personal level of happiness or have you just settled?

Abraham Lincoln once said, “You are as Happy as you make your mind up to be” or something like that.. 

If you are willing to take a little directed action, here is a challenge that will shed some light on your current journey Take a blank piece of paper and draw a large “T” on the top – Allow room to form a list left and right. The left caption would be “What I’m currently Thinking About Now; while the Right would be, “What I am Thankful For Now.” or TAN and TFN for short.

If you are the normal person the right side would be a short list while the left would be must longer. For example, Left side, TAN #1. Pay the Mortgage on time; maybe on the Right, Live in a Free Country, etc…

Here is the kicker. Ask yourself how much of your ‘thought time’ have you given to either side? I would venture to say you spend more time of the left side – list of items, or Thinking or worrying about Now. I mean really, why spend some time thinking about what you might be Thankful for? I already have those right? Should I not worry or make plans to take care of what I feel are the pressing or important things in my Life right now?  Stay with me a moment and you might find some value in what you have being creating…

The true test is how you feel when you think about the items on your list. What feeling does it evoke? Worry, Frustration, Love, Thankfulness?

I mean, have you ever wondered why some people have all the luck and happiness while you seemingly sit on the sidelines? Do you realize that what you have been giving attention to by thinking about it constantly; you give life to it! 

For example, that – mistake you made in school,  – what you shamefully did to your friend, – that item you stole at the convenient store, – time you were a bully…  Past events of similar choices you regrettably made as a young person. You get what I’m sharing.

The question is – why are you still giving life to it? You know that you cannot change those bad decisions you made back then in this present moment?!  Oh, you kept them in reserve so you can draw them out as a learning experience?! Really?

Nonetheless, when you do think about this type of past – those bad decisions are subconsciously in your present experiencing it all over again again, – same bad feelings and all. For example, ever wondered why all your bitching and disgust about the lack of money has not made you any wealthier?

If you are still reading.. hopefully I have to not been too rough on you, just know I have also taken the same inventory of what I have been thinking presently as well. For fun try this technique that is easy to execute as well as rewarding.

In the next 30 to 60 days from this post date let us check results. Write out five things money related that you would like to have completed. For example, #1. I, (your Name), enjoy my new job making over $50,000 a year! #2. I, (your name) enjoy having an extra few dollars to take my spouse out to dinner on Fridays!…etc. – till you list at least five.

These five will be your ‘Daily Affirmations’ where you will speak them out loud within 15 minute upon awaking – every morning, and the last few minute before you fall sleep.  (for extra effect add and a midday every so often).  The trick is to dilute what you have given as truth to your subconscious, “the worry of money” to that of good expectations of what money will do for you now. 

To turbo boost this approach be sure to write these out at least three times in that same day period. Silly right??!

No, if you think a moment, you have already done this… 

You verbalized your lack of money constantly, you have written out the numbers on a piece of paper adding those bills up every pay period or used you smartphone to tally whats left. Your subconscious again does not know the difference, it is there to create what you have as an image in your mind. An image made vividly clear with a constant energy of thought.

Now as a final note, One more crucial step must be taken, one that the masses have failed to do and why this has not worked for them. 

Described above is designed so you can be in the ‘receive’ mode of the things, lifestyle, etc… that you now have given life to through tailored subconscious instructions. Secret that is lost is that you must First Give before you Receive!! 

Ok, what do I mean?

Using our money test, do this based on spiritual laws.  Anytime you receive money, (pay, money found, etc.), give some away.  A 1% to 5% will suffice. The process is that of Flow. This procedure is that of a Positive Flow of Life vs. Negative.  Truth is you will contribute to this flow no matter what; YOU DECIDE… not doing it is a decision too.

Understanding this and actually doing it will change your outlook on life. “Try, there is no try only Do” Yoda, ‘Return of the Jedi’

Wishing you the best of you always!


Pinoy, Filipino American, retired Military and Law Enforcement Commander - Loves to help others free themselves to reach their full potential through time and energy leverage of old shared wisdom.

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