Taming the Beast…

“If wind and rain constantly batter a pool, the water will tend to be agitated and cloudy with sediment and organic debris, and you won’t be able to see all the way down to the bottom. – You know, the time you dropped a quarter on the muddy ground into a pool of water 🙂 You will find – you can’t calm the pool by manipulating the water… Any attempts to do so will merely cause more agitation and add to the problem. The only way to clear the water is to sit patiently, watching the pool, and wait for the sediment to settle by itself.”  – most of course have no patience and say the hell its just a quarter..

A Personal Secret resides in having patience.  Struggle will succumb to calmness, wave to ripple, hurricane to breeze, lost to found and War to Peace.

Many times I find the best way to clear a frustrated mind it to just sit still and acknowledge the storms presence… like the way you can freeze a potential predator / bully or bad person the moment you make eye to eye contact prior to a possible encounter. Yes, it works every time!

A universal law states – The mind coupled with focused attention is one of the most powerful combinations we all share.. yes, we can create. The rub is, we seemingly are ignorant on how to control it.. Look for a later blog for more insights that I have found..

A dear friend and sweetheart of mine recently found the lost of her identity a little unsettling. She achieved accolades and continued respect in her peers and superiors throughout the years.. now she retired after 20 years, seemingly lost in direction. You see, I can emphasize as I felt after so many years of being placed on a certain pedestal; then months past retirement followed a yearning of once was. During those times I often thought, is this the beginning of what old timer feels like? Maybe it was what I thought others thought of me?? I say, that is most probably what is causing your storm, giving value to what you think others feel about you! Best to move forward and begin again living the best life you can create!

If this is you? I have found that you must confront the thing that presently is causing the storm! Acknowledgement is the first step to defeating / directing / controlling. If not, your subconscious will continue to place value in its existence where it will fester grow and gain control of your thoughts; many times presenting itself at the most pressing times. Basically, ignoring it will not defeat it!

When done with personal acknowledgement, your newfound ‘storm’ will become manageable and defined coupled with moving rapidly in the direction of new people, things, projects and new places; all contributors to your new life. You know, those places, things, people that once upon a time made your passionate list. You will find, the status you lost was only a vehicle to get you where you are now. Time to again to do the thing that puts you back into the drivers seat. Begin by making eye to eye contact, (figuratively speaking of course) with what troubles you – followed with the series of ‘quality decisions’ (most every time they are difficult) in the movement of your new life.

See you there soon 🙂


Pinoy, Filipino American, retired Military and Law Enforcement Commander - Loves to help others free themselves to reach their full potential through time and energy leverage of old shared wisdom.

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