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“Son, you will never really know what you are capable of till you get out of your comfort zone!  Yes, Son there will be Pain; but that just means you are alive and growing” ..RWB SR

Beliefs, convictions, morals, attitude and day to day decisions that drive your day – all can be changed. 

How?  I know of only two ways to be true, one is by a constant exposure to a new idea, much like what we have been force to endure through the many facets of the seemingly endless digital media messages; the other is by Shock!! 

Shock like when you realize you will be locked up for something you know you should not have done, or when you are shared the truth you were adopted… and of course, for many of you, when you received a well deserved spanking! This last shock I must share a personal story, but in a moment.. 

I’ve noticed on a regular basis especially lately amongst all the ‘new found’ political hyperbole; that we individually were not raised properly by our parents?  Meaning, that how we ‘perceive’ things today is whacked compared to what the media says is normal.. Really??

Enormously debated subject yes but stay with me here, there might be something you can use to better understand what lies beyond the smoke and mirrors of what we daily are exposed to and pushed to comply in this new age social justice arena.  I would like to share just a smidgeon of one subject as I mentioned earlier, Shock as I had experienced it.. at home!  Too funny!  At least now I mean..

Years ago, I remember just like it was yesterday when Mom would shout out ‘SAPAT TAHIMIK’ (or just ‘SAPAT’ when she was really pissed, (translated ‘enough – be still’  in Tagalog – Filipino)  We understood it to be one of utter and immediate compliance as we all 6 – would hit the floor with our arms stretched out Face down and legs apart not making a sound and completely still – knowing if we did show any movement or make a sound we would receive a swift crack from what ever Mom had in her hand at the time!  She was 4’10 90lbs WET but always carried a 200lbs swing!  Whew, still gives me goosebumps!

Even today I remember a time when I was in high school where Mom yelled out her command, and we dropped to the floor, I turned to see my 3 year old sister’s face.. a look of fear and regret in something she did or wasn’t supposed to do.. she mouthed to me tearfully – ‘I’m sorry!’ Sorry because as a group we all participated in the lesson and we knew it, even my baby sister knew, Mom rules!

Our parents made sure that their knowledge of what was right and wrong was to be followed.  No if’s or but’s!  Today, its the Wild Wild West, anything goes.  The media and social justice and political correction rules the minds of our young! Now did my parents make mistakes, sure they did.  But the message here is that we were filled with the proper morals and convictions of many successful generations of achievers – not freeloaders driven by the deep rooted feelings of entitlement minded mantra!

All my three sisters are Registered Nurses, Brothers are all equally successful with their children all with high achievements.  None of us have ever had more than a speeding ticket.  There are so many similar examples each of you I’m certain would agree were borne out ‘the old way of child rearing’ 

Incidentally, we still laugh about those moments even today as we jokingly yell out ‘SAPAT!’  Looking back it was genius; but today under the current expected norm, Mom would be charged with child abuse.   

Now granted, anything especially when it comes to this subject could have led to cases of abuse; however, when you excuse away parental discipline to the now accepted norms, it’s my opinion we as a nation will reap the results we now find disturbing in many fronts. Really, did we think it’s ok to not keep score in children sports and that everybody wins no matter?  It is my opinion we are creating ‘whiners and non-achievers’  Sad part is, they now are grown where some are in positions to write laws to further this limiting philosophy.  Just take a look at the new Congress Men and Women!!  God help Us!

On a similar note, I have many friends that wonder why it is so difficult to understand our younger ones.  One reason could be that we allowed this new age society of ’soft no hands’ approach to shape their future? 

When you teach youngsters that they are capable of great things but you never teach them that it requires discipline with sometimes painful difficult work; you have entitlement engrained in their psyche.

Sad but just look at our judicial system as it is the mirror of a nation’s moral compass; and you will see the overwhelming – out of control new age system at work.  For example, our prison system is whacked and dysfunctional, lawsuits abound at every corner due to some definition of ‘abusive use of force’.  As a Nation, the incarcerated have so many liberties that when the are released, the new demanding challenges force them to return.  Lessons are not taught on how to become better contributing citizens, independent and self maintaining.  So we continue to be baffled on the reasons why?? Nothing this profound happens overnight!  I dare say, roots will bring you back to the lack of discipline at home.. a stretch, don’t think so..

Well enough of that! What to do?  First and toughest step is to just decide to be more aware that this current new age practice if continued will be the death of what we love so much as a free nation.  It is my hope sharing this message with each of you as a Naturalized American Citizen myself, that when we do become aware and awake we will begin to right this ship. 

Ignorance is bliss till it hurts – you – enough personally!


Pinoy, Filipino American, retired Military and Law Enforcement Commander - Loves to help others free themselves to reach their full potential through time and energy leverage of old shared wisdom.

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