Being First..

catching them off guard..

You met an Asshole early one morning, ok; maybe they are having a bad day.  You meet Assholes all day, guess what, you’re the ASSHOLE  Raw Thoughts

In our new age of Instant Gratification where the generation gaps converge on seemingly endless access to the overload and ease of mostly useless information, being first takes a new form, individual survival and can be fun!?

Many would argue an introvert approach of wait and see, not me!  Why you might ask.  We live in a time where chaos appears in nano seconds; and most every time when analyzed, could have been avoided or at least its impact minimized.

Example – Just about all of my Corrections Friends would agree the importance of always observing to precondition the outcome just moments before the emotional ramp up of an Inmate.  Mental or medical conditions aside, most every similar trigger can be managed if we first catch the change of emotions.  No secret here.  Those that do live it – breath it – even away from work, part of their persona.

Hey, here’s a veteran secret to maintaining a reaction edge to most every potential bad outcome.  SET THE ENCOUNTER!

How?  Be the first to say hello, first to acknowledge the other person’s presence, first to make eye contact… first to SMILE!

Being first this way is an excuse to catch that person off guard where your assessments becomes more sincere.  Best part is, what you present is generally what you get in return!  Works most every time!

Wishing that all of you have some glorious plans for this Spring, I plan on Being First on a regular basis!!

Thanks for being You!!


Pinoy, Filipino American, retired Military and Law Enforcement Commander - Loves to help others free themselves to reach their full potential through time and energy leverage of old shared wisdom.

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