Life as an Update

Life – We each have a precise allotment of heartfelt moments.. 

Sad that we don’t realize each of us have the ‘Goods’.. until the 11th hour. The constant interruptions of the many messages program the mind, so it is said, some seem permanent, unforgiving..

Momentary glimpse of what could be.. darts in and out teasingly honest of the what could have been. Funny each of us knows this truth the moment facts are presented. The contagious disease of growth has always been ‘inaction’. Some say paralysis of analysis.. Not making sense?

Did you know each of us are born with a sensory filter, (lest we explode with overload), laymen term I’ve heard is the ‘what truly matters – filter‘. Programmed to shape / limit the quantity and quality of what is allowed to interact with our senses.  Most of us have one that works as designed, a small few extraordinary.. ergo degrees of genius and stupidity. Programming the mind seems to be never ending..

Best news is that most anyone can re-program the WTM filter with proper understanding through proper exposure of new information / experiences, and its payoff is the gifts of change.  Change in the direction of what truly matters in your life, doing so has proved to uncover a person’s passion.

“Funny how a forgotten song, a new face or even a familiar scent can recapture a lost memory… a lost should have – would have – or if only..“  If you are true to yourself, all of these will also remind you of what were convincing excuses..

Many of us do not question why even our computers, smartphones or any automation device requires updating. But we will argue with every fiber of our being when our beliefs are challenged. Question is, how does the fruit taste from your deep rooted beliefs. Or, if true happiness is what you are after, then why are you not happy? Could it be a degree of your unwillingness to change? You decide. It’s your Life..

If you have adopted a ‘this is it’ philosophy, I suggest being honest with yourself. You know that the dying begins in the mind way before the dying of the body; or at least I’ve heard said.

There has never been a time in human history where the wealth of information can be carried around and placed in your pocket and available to anyone no matter what station of life he or she might hale from!!  

It has been said from the many great thinkers that for your world to change; you must first change. 

Time to update / reprogram! 


Pinoy, Filipino American, retired Military and Law Enforcement Commander - Loves to help others free themselves to reach their full potential through time and energy leverage of old shared wisdom.

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