Keeping Score…

Wow 2019 is already a rush!!

Some will look back with earnest with exacting adjustments to again meet and some will exceed their goals; many will not.  Choices we all face?  Some say its the choices we make that defines us.  I agree but must add, now with the multitude of distractions, making meaningful purposeful decisions has never been more difficult.

It is my hope that your new year will bring the kind of things and experiences that somehow have eluded you in the past.  But I dare say, remember the saying about insanity… doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result… or something like that.

This short ditty is a sharing of what a hardheaded me learned about getting and achieving.  First, take a quite moment to make an assessment of what you want to accomplish by years end.  Group or break it into areas needing attention now.  Health, Wealth, Wise are my favs.

Not getting into Goal setting here, too many great programs out there to answer that need.  But what I will do is share with you a couple of suggestions that might assist you.

Many fail in their attempts because most do not have in place a method to keep score / or say guide posts along the way.  I mean, looking back now of what you were able to accomplish for 2018 will not make you happy about any goals set earlier in the year.  You must have a way to keep score to ultimately be happy at years end.

Here is a quick way that has worked for me and many others.  Using the Health, Wealth, Wise groups.  First ID one thing in each that would make you happy that you would complete by years end.  Be serious and compelling about this selection.  For example, Health – Trade 15lbs of fat with 15lbs of lean muscle to complete my personal best in a 5km.  Wealth – Put away in a interest bearing account 3 months or more of my pay for a rainy day fund.  Wise – Read 12 Books of which 3 will be work / industry related.  After you are comfortable about your new found practice, set  more..

Here the magic move.  Start a daily journal of which you confess and log your progress in these goals!  It will be these moments of self talk and reflection captured incrementally (daily jotting of your thoughts) that will keep you on track.  All the books I have read detailing the interviews of the highest achievers do just that, they keep a journal!!  I must add, goals setting notes is just a line or two in my daily thoughts, I also capture the many things that had inspired me that day and the hopes of days to come as well..

Now I expect some push back on this suggestion.  Go ahead and re-read the insanity line again…



Pinoy, Filipino American, retired Military and Law Enforcement Commander - Loves to help others free themselves to reach their full potential through time and energy leverage of old shared wisdom.

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