Crabs in a bucket!

Lately I catch myself pausing before I speak after what seemed like hours of whining in and around my workplace.  I usually just make a stage left move to vacate the nonsense; at least to the point where the sounds become muffled.  

I am amazed though that lately wherever I turn, I am again faced with the same challenge.  Wow, it sometimes seem we have gone backwards…

I must share a story of how amazingly silly human behavior mimics animal mannerisms.  A story shared with me many times growing up in the Philippines shows a simple fact, do you know how easy it is to keep a ‘crab’ in a bucket?   Answer,  just place another crab in there with it and watch how the first will snag the second and both will not make it out. 

Sad, but it’s almost like the special friend who is the first to tell you, (or anyone else for that matter) that it’s silly to get out of your comfort zone to pursue a new promotion / or that you’re out of your league to pander over that girl or guy / or even try to achieve that fitness or health goal, etc..  We all know who that person is.. Its all Crab speak!

Do not let the words of another stifle your growing imagination to better yourself!  Move pass the limiting conjecture of those who continually whine about their life and resolve to be the best you!  The picture in your mind is but a fragile glimpse of the great possibilities of a better life, so fragile yet so powerful.  To the crab, it’s food!  Be aware of those that try through words and actions to keep you just where they are, whining, hoping and even praying; but not willing to move past their comfort zone.  The gift of a better life is one of ‘action’ in the face of what seemingly is fear. GET OFF YOUR ASS and out of the bucket!! 

See you on the trail to your new heights as you continue to overcome and enjoy your personal triumphs!  BTW, we love crabs, seasoned and boiled!


Pinoy, Filipino American, retired Military and Law Enforcement Commander - Loves to help others free themselves to reach their full potential through time and energy leverage of old shared wisdom.