Being There…

Dusky morning Kandahar, all that was asked of us was completed two days ago; Sgt Jacobs, designated spotter, responded with WTF!! His Handle, Jaybird or Jay for Short; mine was Tasmania or Taz.

The follow on mission was to provide eyes on the ground for positive ID of an HVT; high value target… This could take awhile..

Sgt Jacobs, an adopted Cajun from Lafayette Louisiana, took his Moms maiden name.. Sure there’s a story there.. This will be our 3rd mission together; trust him with my life. 

Interestingly, bonds like these do not come without personal struggles, matured lasting levels of which triggered through abnormal interpersonal pressure, mostly silently shared.  Sometimes intense and unforgiving.. Truly a non-participant would not understand.. What’s the saying, ‘if you’d been there, you’d understand’. 

The waiting for the defining moment, that’s the reason we exist… defining has become the culmination of weeks of preparation and internalized gathering of years of wit and experience.  “Where is this knucklehead?”, Sgt Jacobs spouted.  Just be ready for a secondary mission, you remember HQ SNAFU last time, I replied….

Funny in the brief moments of heighten reflection how truly alive you become especially when you know the shit is coming.  OK, that’s the target, Jay frame a good shot uplink and ready for ID and Command, trigger at the ready.. Let’s not fuck it up!

Stay tuned, a measured pause, no trigger pull..


Pinoy, Filipino American, retired Military and Law Enforcement Commander - Loves to help others free themselves to reach their full potential through time and energy leverage of old shared wisdom.