Ever wake up and say to yourself, “how in the hell did I get here?” Simple answer, you are responsible..

Even in the womb, studies show the environment and gift of what you experience shapes what you become. Yes, genetics are passed on and are mostly visual in the likeness of your parents; but, its the not yet obvious that is not known until later in life that is the subject of this awareness note I am sharing with you.

Every bit of what you allow to be pulled into your awareness through your many senses, populates what is commonly referred to as a persons baseline. A baseline that becomes confirmed and strengthened as a person matures through the constant exposure of so many facets of media we now have at our disposal. Each will pick at and reform your personal belief and drives your daily decisions affecting and in many cases, determining a limiting future of new experiences and perspectives. It is this gift of openness that is lost without even knowing it. Without this understanding each allows divisive information to restructure our baseline ultimately solidifying a wanderers state of future misgivings. A lost child…

Why should this be of any importance? Well, have you ever been on a trip to a place you’ve aways wanted to visit but fell asleep when you finally got there? Sure and of course you can vicariously experience that particular trip through FB, Instagram or the like, but you know it’s not he same… you had to have been there! The experience of life will always be the measured through the degree of how many of a person’s senses are involved. But we all know you can’t always be awake? Can we?

Here’s the thing, Your degree of personal awareness moment to moment is the YOU programming and reprogramming your future possibilities. Dreams Hopes and Prayers have no life without Actions; but if your baseline is one of divisive and limiting, your life’s decisions will be too!

Never too late, wake up now and know you are still the Captain of your Ship!!


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